Walt Zinko Playing League

The Playing League for all Traveling Age Teams In District IX

The purpose of the District IX Playing League is to facilitate inter-league play between member leagues within District IX and with leagues from such other districts as approved by the District Commissioners and CYSA where the individual leagues cannot field enough teams to form their own leagues or where it is desirable that a multi-district league be formed to provide sufficient competition for teams and players.

WZPL Schedules & Information

Current playing schedules and team information can be found at 

WZPL Policies, Procedures and Rules

Changes To Rules For Fall Walt Zinko Playing League Games

No DELIBERATE HEADING in any game for ages U14 and younger

  • Restart is Indirect Free Kick to the opponent
  • Only deliberate head to ball contact is penalized
  • Accidental contact between head and ball is NOT penalized
  • An unsuccessful attempt to head is NOT penalized.  But warn the player when the opportunity arises.
  • Illegal heading is not a foul and shall NOT be considered for Persistent Infringement.
  • At team check ins REMIND the players and the coaches.


Small Sided Soccer for ages U8-12 & U19

  • U19 games will be 7v7 on U12 fields
    • Minimum 5 players
    • 45 min halves, 10 min halftime break
    • Goalkeeper NO PUNTING or drop kicks.  Restart is IDFK by opponent.
    • Single referee
    • No offside rules will be used
  • U12 games will be 9v9
    • Minumum 6 players
    • 30 min halves, 5 min halftime
  • U10 games will play 7v7
    • Minimum 5 players
    • 25 min halves
    • Goalkeeper NO PUNTING or drop kicks.  Restart is IDFK by opponent.
    • Build Out Line Rules
      • Line should be a contrasting color from the other lines and will be located roughly halfway between the penalty areas and the midfield line
      • When a team has a Goal Kick or if a goalkeeper has the ball in his posession
      • Opposing players must retreat to beyond the build out line
      • Opposing players may not pass the build out line until the ball is in play. 
        • Goalkeeper releases the ball to play, or
        • On goal kick the ball exits the penalty area
      • The goalkeeper may release the ball and the goal kick may be taken before the opponents fully retreat if they choose.
        • If so, those opponents who are nearby may play the ball once it is in play
      • Consideration for offside position does not start at the midfield line, but instead begins at the attacking half’s Build Out Line.
  • U8 will play 4v4 without a goalkeeper
    • Each league will decide if they want referees

Red Card Procedures & Information

Information for coaches and referees

Please review the “Policies, Procedures & Rules for the WZPL. Article 7, and Appendix #1 deals with matters concerning PAD. Any team that is playing in the WZPL, U10 and up, falls under this article. You may download this off of the WZPL website.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. All red cards will have an automatic one game suspension for a player and three game automatic suspension for a coach.
  2. Player Passes (or coach passes) will no longer be retained by the referee.  After the game, the referee must use the passes to clearly identify the player/coach and record the name and registration number onto the game card.  All passes will be returned to the coach.
  3. Referees complete a send off report online at SoccerEZ within 48 hours.  The committee relies heavily on the ejection report from the referee, so take some time in writing this.  Talk to your assignor about proper wording on the incident description.  This must be done asap so the process can begin.
  4. Per the rules, the PAD committee may meet via phone or in person.
  5. Players and coaches have the right to a formal PAD meeting / Hearing.
  6. For a suspension of two or more games the player must have the “blue card” signed off by the referee.
  7. This card is then returned to me after all suspended games have been sat out.
  8. The PAD Committee will use the guidelines for suspension as outlined in the CYSA Team Manual.
  9. Again, please read and review the WZPL rules.
  10. It is the responsibility of the league presidents to pass this information on to their coaches.
  11. It is my desire to have the player back on the field, as soon as his/her suspension is served.  I will also have a PAD “mail box” on my front porch for use if I am not home. Let’s work together to make this happen quickly.
  12. I will be calling league presidents to serve on the PAD committee. League vice presidents and District Board Members may also serve on the PAD. None may be a party to the PAD.


PAD Chair
P. O. Box 381
Los Molinos, CA 96055

Email: alek@thepinnells.net