In order to referee games for CalNorth District IX you must be registered for the current year.  Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. PLEASE save this email!  It may help us verify your status and may also be used on the rare occasion that your name doesn't show up on the CNRA list of registered referees.  Once you have this confirmation email, you are permitted to referee even if you have not received your current year's patch yet.

How To Complete Your Annual Referee Registration

  1. Go to the website   cnra.gameofficials.net
  2. Log in using your account login ID and Password.  If you are a referee then you already have an account.  DO NOT create another account.  If you cannot remember your login information then use the "Forgot Username or Password?" button. 
  3. On the left, select the Courses link.
  4. Select Referee Courses.  This will show a large selection of course choices.  There may be multiple years showing, depending on the time of year that you are doing this.
  5. Find and select the course for Annual USSF Registration Renewal for the correct Year and Grade.  Most referees are Grade 8.
  6. Complete the Registration and Payment forms.  ( tip:  On the Registration form, for District your selection should be NORTH REGION)
  7. Continue with the Confirmation Page.  You will receive a confirmation email.  SAVE that email!  It may help us verify your status or prove that you had paid in the rare occasion that your name does not show up on the CNRA registered referee list.  Your Registration will be processed by the State and then the National Office.
  8. You may check upon your status by returning to your Account at CNRA.GameOfficials.net : The Main Page of your account will list your USSF Registration History and indicate your Status.

Any questions can be directed to:
Chris Elliott
CNRA Registrar