Policy on Matches Involving Non-District IX Teams

All matches/friendlies/scrimmages involving D9 teams are considered sanctioned as long as the opposing team is currently USSF affiliated and in good standing with its League at the time of the match/friendly/scrimmage. It is each team's responsibility to make sure each opponent is currently USSF affiliated and in good standing with it's league. 

Policy on Team Tryouts

Adopted February 6, 2010 (update 2015)

Section A

All District IX leagues/clubs shall hold team tryouts during the District IX tryout window of April 1-21. The earliest that teams may announce their rosters or contact players with invitations to join their teams is April 22nd. NOTE: Teams may hold tryouts AFTER that window, but no team may hold a tryout prior to that date.  

Section B

  • All players must participate in a minimum of one session, prior to being offered a roster position. Players recovering from a previous injury are excepted from this requirement.
  • No player may be offered a roster position prior to the closing of the tryout window.
  • Teams may have no more than 18 active offers extended at any one time.

Policy on Minimum Playing Time

Adopted May 31, 2014

All District IX teams, regardless of Division of play and with the exceptions noted below, shall ensure that each player, who is willing and able, be allowed to play approximately fifty (50%) percent of each game. For Under 15 and above age teams, participating in the CCSL Gold or above Divisions (or the equivalent as approved by the District Commissioner), may use a minimum playing time of approximately twenty-five percent (25%) of each game.

This policy is in effect for all competitions including, but not necessarily limited to: in-house games and leagues, District and Statewide playing leagues, tournaments, jamborees and cups. The policy remains in effect for District IX teams during tournament and cup preliminary games and finals.

Players who meet any of the following requirements, may be exempted from the policy at the discretion of the coach.

  1. Unexcused absences from practices or games.
  2. Unexcused tardiness or leaving early.
  3. Poor sportsmanship or conduct.
  4. Poor attitude on and off the field impacting the development of the team
  5. Violations of published team/club/league/district policies
  6. Injury

WZPL Guest Player Policy

Approved 8/1/15

Teams participating in the Walt Zinko Playing League (WZPL) will be allowed the use of guest players in league matches. To utilize a guest player, the team must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The Guest Player must be rostered to a team within the same league as the team on which the player will be guesting.
  • The credentials for the Guest Player must be from the same seasonal year as the team they are guesting on.
  • The soccer age of the Guest Player must be the same soccer age or younger than the age group of the team on which the player will be guesting.
  • Players with a soccer age of seven (7) years old or younger may not guest play.
  • A player may participate in a maximum – including guest play – of two (2) matches per day. At least one game length of rest is required between matches for the player.
  • Players on recreational teams may guest play on teams registered as competitive teams.
  • Players on competitive teams may NOT guest play on teams registered as recreational teams.
  • The coach of the borrowing team must have in his/her possession the Guest Player’s membership pass and their CalNorth Membership form (#1601) with the hold harmless and medical release section signed in original ink by the parent or guardian or by the Guest Player if the Guest Player has reached eighteen (18) years of age. The membership form is not required if the back of the membership pass has been completed and signed.
  • Unofficial drops (players that just stop showing up) do NOT constitute an official drop from the team. To officially remove a player from the number of players on a team, the player pass of the dropped player must be turned into the league registrar and a new roster issued showing the new count of players.
  • Teams may only use guest players if their officially approved roster contains fewer players than the standard field complement plus one.
    • Examples:
      • For Under 12, the baseline for use of guest players would be 12 players (eleven field players plus one substitute).
      • An Under 12 team has 14 players on their official roster, three are sick. This team is not eligible to utilize guest players since their official roster exceeds the baseline.
      • An Under 12 team has 10 players on their official roster. This team is eligible to utilize guest players since their official roster does not exceed the baseline.
      • An Under 12 Team has 13 on their official roster, but two (2) players no longer show up and have, in effect, dropped. The team would not be eligible to use guest players UNLESS they turn in the passes of those players to the league registrar and have been issued a new roster showing only the 11 active players.
  • Teams may only utilize enough Guest Players to bring their number of players up to the standard field complement, plus one.
    • Examples:
      • An Under 12 team with 10 players on the official roster may utilize two (2) guest players.
      • An Under 10 team with 8 players on the official roster may utilize one (1) guest player.
  • Leagues with teams intending to take advantage of this policy are required to notify the Playing League Commissioner in advance. The Playing League Commissioner will notify all teams within the age group.

Administration Procedures and Policies

CalNorth DISTRICT IX Administration Procedures and Policies

Revision: October 9, 2016
1:01 NAME

1:01:01         This Administration shall be known as the CalNorth District IX Board, hereinafter referred to as the “District Board”.


1:02:01         The purpose of the District Board shall be to provide coordination and development of the Youth Soccer Program within CalNorth’s District IX. They shall act as the liaison between the District IX Leagues and the California Youth Soccer Association, and provide for internal communications.


1:03:01         The District Board, acting together, shall constitute the management of the District and they shall be responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that the District Board operates within the framework of the CalNorth Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Procedures.
  2. Furthering age group soccer for the good of the player and the game in general.
  3. Proper fiscal controls on all accounts.
  4. Recording, publicizing and promoting activities.
  5. Approving fields of play.
  6. Appointment of staff and committee.
  7. From time-to-time making temporary rules or regulations for specific cases or occasions provided for in Rules or Procedures, which are deemed necessary by the District Board to carry out the objectives of the program.
  8. Hearing of appeals and protests from leagues within the District.
  9. Administer the District Playing League


1:04:01         The representative colors of this District shall be Royal Blue, and Gold.

1:05 AREA

1:05:01         The boundaries of this District shall be that area as defined by the California Youth Soccer Association as District IX.


1:06:01         CalNorth District IX shall be part of California Youth Soccer Association and will comply with their rules and procedures where applicable.


1:07:01         The District Board body shall be composed of the CalNorth District IX Commissioner (who shall act as Chairman of the Board), a representative of each league and those individuals holding the committee positions as defined in section 1:11.
1:07:02         Each member shall have one (1) vote, and the Chairman shall vote only to break a tie. Anyone holding more than one position shall be entitled to only one (1) vote.
1:07:03         Each recognized league within CalNorth District IX shall be granted membership in the District Board. Each member league shall elect or appoint an individual, in accordance with their established procedures, to represent that league. Each individual so elected or appointed, shall be entitled to one (1) vote at all regular meetings.
1:07:04         The “League Vote” shall be cast by the individual listed on the CalNorth Affiliation form as the League President for the current seasonal year. In their absence, the vote shall be cast by the “highest ranking” league board member, as indicated on the CalNorth Affiliation form, that is in attendance. In the absence of a league board member, an individual from the league, appointed in writing by the League President, may cast the league vote.
1:07:05         Only those members of record, in good standing, shall be entitled to voting privileges.
1:07:06         Non-voting officers need not be present if they submit a written report prior to the meeting.
1:07:07         A quorum is defined as 50% of the registered leagues of the district which are currently in good standing being present at the beginning of the meeting. The meeting shall still be considered to have a quorum if, at any time, registered league attendance falls below the 50% threshold after the meeting is called to order.


1:08:01         The CalNorth District IX Administration shall be governed its Rules and Procedures except where these are superseded by CalNorth, USYSA, USSF, or FIFA.


1:09:01         The Administrative Board will meet a minimum of three (3) times during each seasonal year to conduct regular business along with staff and standing committees. Notification of the meeting to all members shall be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.
The order of business at the meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Introduction of Guests
  4. Acceptance of Minutes
  5. Correspondence
  6. Reports
    1. District Commissioner
    2. Staff Reports
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. New Business
  9. Good of the Game
  10. Adjournment

1:09:02         All meetings shall be governed by Parliamentary Law as set forth in Robert's Rules of Order. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all procedures not expressly provided for in these procedures.


1:10:01         Amendments to the Procedures or Rules of this District Board may be made at any meeting of the District Board Board.
1:10:02         Amendments to the Procedures must be presented to the District Commissioner, in writing, sixty (60) days prior to any meeting of the District Board Membership.
1:10:03         An amendment shall be deemed adopted by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present at that meeting, providing that a quorum is present.
1:10:04         The District Board may invoke temporary policy during the seasonal year in areas that are not already covered. This temporary policy will be voted upon at the next meeting by the membership. Any temporary policy not passed at the next meeting will be null and void.


1:11:01         The District Commissioner shall appoint, with confirmation by the League Presidents and at the commencement of his/her term, or as necessary, staff to run operations within the District and/or represent the District on CalNorth Committees.
1:11:02         Individuals may serve in more than one role within the District.
1:11:03         Individuals appointed to a committee/staff position are expected:

a.      To keep the District Commissioner informed of all discussions and policy changes implemented within their areas.
b.     To attend all CalNorth meetings that pertain to their areas of responsibility.
c.      To report, in writing, to the Board of Directors at each regularly scheduled meeting.

1:11:04         District IX Staff and Committee positions:

a.      Assistant District Commissioner

i.     Shall act as the District Commissioners representative in his/her absence.
ii.     Shall oversee the running of the District Playing League and all related issues.
iii.     Shall oversee the running of the District Cup Championships and all related issues.
iv.     Shall report, in writing, to the Board of Directors at each regularly scheduled meeting.

b.     Registrar

i.     Shall be responsible for player and team registration within the District.
ii.     Shall oversee a complete and accurate recording of all leagues, teams and players for the purpose of registration, affiliation and insurance.

c.      Recording Secretary

i.     Shall keep the minutes and an accurate record of the meetings.

d.     Treasurer

i.     Shall be responsible for accurate accounting of all assets, receipts, expenditures, and bank balances.
ii.     Shall ensure that all deposits made into the District IX account reflect the party and nature of the funds.
iii.     Shall ensure that all debits disbursed have prior approval by the District Commissioner.
iv.     Shall ensure that all checks shall bear at least two (2) of the following signatures:

1.     The Commissioner
2.     The Treasurer
3.     The Assistant Commissioner
4.     The District Registrar

v.     All financial records of the District Board shall be submitted for an annual audit to the CalNorth prior to the start of each seasonal year at the date set by the CalNorth.
vi.     The bank reconciliation shall be filed with the CalNorth staff accountant each month.

e.      Coaching Coordinator

i.     Shall act as a liaison between Coach Instructors and the leagues in order to effect a maximum amount of trained coaches to serve the leagues.

f.       Recreation Coordinator

i.     Shall act as a liaison between the CalNorth Recreation Committee and the leagues in order to improve the experience of all recreational players.
ii.     Shall work with the Assistant District Commissioner to advertise, promote, coordinate and run the annual District IX Cup Champsionships.

g.      Youth Referee Coordinator

i.     Shall act as a liaison between the CNRA appointed Referee Administrator, Instructor and Assessor and the leagues of District IX to effect a maximum number of trained referees to serve the leagues.
ii.     Shall assign the proper referees to all District Cup Semi-Final and Final Matches, all state level cup matches and all state playing league matches played within the District.
iii.     Shall act as the official channel for educating the referees within District IX concerning the rules and regulations of CalNorth and District IX.

h.     State Level Cups Coordinator

i.     Shall act on the behalf of all District IX teams attending the state level cups.

i.       Rules & Revisions Chair

i.     Shall act on the behalf of all District IX leagues who submit rule change proposals and ensure that they are correctly submitted in a timely manner.
ii.     Shall review rule change proposals within the District for compliance with existing rules.

j.       Tournament Coordinator

i.     Shall act on the behalf of all District IX teams participating in Tournaments and Jamborees throughout USYSA.
ii.     Shall ensure that all teams leaving the District all properly credentialed.
iii.     Shall ensure the proper administration of all tournaments within the District.

k.     ODP Coordinator

i.     Shall act on the behalf of all District IX teams and players participating in the ODP program.

l.       CCSL Coordinator

i.     Shall act on the behalf of all District IX teams and players participating in the CCSL program.

m.    District PAD Chair

i.     Shall conduct all District level PAD meetings.
ii.     Shall track all ejections and other disciplinary matters arising from play within District run programs.
iii.     Shall ensure that all PAD procedures are followed in accordance with CalNorth policy.


1:12:01         This District Board shall not assume, nor be liable for, the debts nor the financial responsibilities, of member leagues, coaches, managers or teams, etc.


1:13:01         Protests or appeals of league decisions are to be in writing and delivered to the District PAD Chair within two (2) calendar days (Sundays and holidays excluded) along with a fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00) following the receipt of the league decision.
1:13:02         The District IX Protest and Appeals Committee shall consist of the District PAD Chair and three (3) neutral league presidents. Other CalNorth members may be substituted if sufficient neutral league presidents cannot be seated.
1:13:03         Due to the travel distances involved in District IX, phone conference calls, emails and electronic polls may be taken to decide the District decision.
1:13:04         The decision of the District PAD Committee shall be accomplished within fourteen (14) days, and shall be conveyed to the person or persons initiating the protest or appeal in writing.


1:14:01         Should the District Board be dissolved, all assets remaining after payment of all debts shall be given to the California Youth Soccer Association (CalNorth).